Mr. Kimono Gallery



Founded by Kim Kimono, this forum has been created to promote the art we like for its inherent beauty and originality.

Unbound by trends and trendsetters, we scout for mavericks as we believe in freedom of artistic expression regardless of the bounds of formal training.

A wide spectrum; without prejudice.

We’ve enjoyed finding them; now it’s your turn discovering them.


Gian Andrea Annoni

Gian Andrea Annoni was born in Milano, grew up in an International environment and worked for multinational enterprises, however his heart was always beating for creativity and freedom of expression…

"My creations stem from the simple wish to express my imagination, inspired by the visual."


Giovanni Crovetto

Italian photographer Giovanni Crovetto started his career with an OM2 Olympus Camera found in a drawer of his grandfather's studio in the countryside at the age of 14.
After 8 years in the UK where he worked as a broker in the fascinating and hectic City of London, Giovanni decided to dedicate most of his time to his genetic passion. Photography and graphic arts represent an escape from everyday life.


Emanuela Annoni

More than in any other vocation, being an artist means always starting from nothing.